Addiction Treatment in Odessa, TX

Addiction treatment in Odessa integrates a combination of therapies to improve the likelihood of recovering addicts staying clean and sober after leaving drug rehab. Programs for addiction treatment ensure that the recovering person is safe and supervised through the detox process.

However, our drug detox center in Odessa only addresses the physical aspect of addiction. On its own, detox does nothing to address the underlying psychological triggers behind addictive behaviors.

Drug and alcohol treatment centers tailor a combination of therapies, treatments and meetings that all contribute towards teaching the person healthy new ways for coping with life without the need for drugs or alcohol.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is a chronic relapsing disease of the brain, characterized by compulsive use of drugs or alcohol. Abusing any addictive substance can cause significant changes within the brain's chemistry.

Taking drugs or alcohol artificially stimulates the brain to release certain hormones and neurotransmitters that make the user feel good temporarily. Continued abuse of drugs or alcohol over a period of time teaches the brain that it can no longer produce hormones that were once naturally-occurring. Instead, the brain learns that it can only release them under the artificial stimulus of more drugs or alcohol. At this point the person is considered physically dependent, or addicted.

If the user tries to stop taking the substance suddenly, the brain can't adapt. As a result, the user may experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that could be potentially dangerous or even life-threatening, depending on the substance being taken. It's common for many users to continue a destructive cycle of substance abuse in an effort to avoid the onset of withdrawal symptoms.

Who Needs Treatment in a Drug Rehab Center?

Anyone struggling to regain control over drug or alcohol usage should seek addiction treatment in Odessa. Programs for addiction treatment offer the best possible opportunity for recovering addicts to learn healthy new ways to reduce the risk of relapsing back into self-destructive behaviors and stay clean and sober over the long term.

When a person enters into drug and alcohol rehab addiction treatment in Odessa, specialists assess various factors before determining the best combination of treatments and therapies to employ.

Detox is always the first stage of recovering in drug and alcohol treatment centers. Depending on the type of drug being taken, medical staff may administer prescription medications to make the withdrawal process smoother. For example, people recovering from opiate addiction in Odessa may be given methadone or Suboxone to alleviate the worst of any symptoms associated with withdrawal.

However, there are no treatment medications available for treating detox for some types of drugs, such as sedative drugs (e.g. Xanax or Valium) or stimulant drugs (e.g. cocaine or methamphetamine).

People in recovery from sedative drugs may need to have their existing dosage carefully tapered down under medical supervision to avoid potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Specialists in drug and alcohol treatment centers may also provide prescription medications for people withdrawing from stimulant drugs to help treat any negative withdrawal symptoms that emerge during detox.

While detox is a crucial element in addiction treatment in Odessa, it is only the first step in a comprehensive treatment program. Detox only helps to break the body's physical dependency on the substance. It does nothing to treat the underlying psychological aspect of addictive behaviors.

Programs for addiction treatment incorporate behavioral therapies and counseling sessions to help recovering people identify their unique addiction triggers. Therapy also helps the recovering person learn productive ways to avoid high-risk situations associated with addictive substance use, as well as learning healthy new ways for dealing with stress without the need for drugs or alcohol.

As a part of drug rehab treatments, recovering people are encouraged to develop their own unique relapse prevention strategies. Counselors encourage people in rehab to identify their own triggers and recognize early warning symptoms of a potential relapse. Therapy then continues to teach recovering people positive ways to avoid giving into temptation and remain clean and sober using healthy alternatives and strategies.

Even after a person leaves the care and supervision of drug and alcohol treatment centers, treatment continues. Graduating rehab is a significant achievement, but the real road to recovery begins after the person leaves the treatment facility.

The majority of drug rehab centers provide access to a range of aftercare services designed to offer ongoing support, therapy and guidance through the recovery process. The overall result is that people who complete a comprehensive program for addiction treatment in Odessa have a significantly improved chance of remaining clean and sober over the long term. Call us now for help at (432) 653-4040.

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